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“Movies don’t get made without producers. A symphony is silent without its conductor. Good project managers are essential to the masterpieces they help create. “

-K. High,

AWAY Team Studios pulls from a vast and diverse digital media management background spanning over 10 years in both the public and private sectors. AWAY Team Studios have had the pleasure of working with incredible Canadian Media organizations like CBC, Radio-Canada, Shaw, Rogers, as well as other external vendors to build innovative content delivery systems and process efficiency tools.

With a proven track record of digital project management success in both corporate and start-up environments, we offer efficient solutions for digital initiatives at every stage and level of development.

Visit our Projects Gallery for samples of our work. Then say to find out how we can take your digital initiative to the next level.

How can we bring your brand to the next level?

Whether starting from scratch or re-branding for a fresh, new look and feel, there is always AWAY.

Away Team Studios has had the pleasure of working with many major brands in several consumer segments; from Sports and Culture giants like the NHL, CBC, Radio-Canada and CBC Sports, Communication powerhouses like Rogers, Shaw, and Corus to consumer products like Loblaws, Kraft and Hudson’s Bay Company to name a few.

With a proven record of bringing ideas from conception to delivery, Away Team Studios specializes in graphic communications development, multi-platform interactive applications, client to creative translation and holistic brand management.

Visit our Projects Gallery then say and let’s make things happen!